1. the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.




  1. keep safe from harm or injury.

We all have a kind of magic about us. Be it our creativity, our kindness, our loyalty, our sincerity, our honesty. Some may consider their children their magic or their skill set. Whatever you hold dear to your heart. That’s magic. Your Magic.

My magic is my foresight and loyalty (amongst other things). Though I have no problem projecting what I consider to be my magic, I’ve had to learn the hard way time and time again that not everyone is deserving of said magic. Be it professionally or personally. So how do I spread the love but keep enough for myself first and foremost? Cause at the end of the day you have to love yourself to love someone / something (career) properly right? 

 So how do you PROJECT magic yet PROTECT it from being used, abused and ran through? How do you protect what you have worked so hard towards? How do you protect that love (magic) you have for you significant other in this “put everything on blast” world we live in? At what point do you keep something for yourself? When do you realize that true magic within is not looking for completion but enhancement instead? How about realizing that having peace of mind is the best form of magic you can possess? 

What started as a personal reminder for myself, I felt selfish keeping for myself. So from constantly saying it to friends, to writing it everywhere I go  - “Protect Your Magic” was never meant just for me. It was meant to come from me to share with you. To remind you that you are worth everything and then some. That you are magic and you have to protect it. So I’m going to do my damn hardest to get that message on everything I can. I’m going to make sure you see it everywhere so YOU can remember that everything you need is truly inside YOU. 

So with all that said – what’s your magic and how do you protect it?

Happy protecting lovers.