Is this thing on?




Oh hey there.

I know I know this has been a year in the making right? Actually over a year! (hides face in shame)

But you see thats the beauty of such a positive message… I didn’t feel the need to rush and get a site up. Or chase after folks to find out about Protect Your Magic. I shared a very important message that helped me by sharing it all over the USA and let the message find you. I let each and every one of you dissect it and apply it to your personal experiences and life!

So with that said – the way my life was set up it didn’t allow me to hit the LIVE button on this site till this very moment. Even thought the site itself has been 85% done for over a year now.

So here I will share my random thoughts. Here I will have friends jump in and speak on what PYM means to them. I will share posts on ways I feel help me protect my magic and maybe it will help you too.

Thank you all so much for the all the love the last year and a half.

Thank you for spreading our message as far as man can see and hear.

Thank you in every single language.