#PYMAffirmation : Ideal Partnership



Today’s #PYMAffirmation is : Ideal Partnership How long do you have cause this post might get a little lengthy. As connected as we all are and accessible to one another courtesy of social media – doesn’t it seem harder than ever to find that #idealpartner? It’s like now that there’s more ways to communicate and connect , the harder it’s gotten to truly find that partner.  A lot of it has to do with too many options. The way social media is set up , it can lead you to believe that the grass is truly greener on the other side. Do you realize it’s all CURATED REALITY? So on the quest to find our ideal partner we can often get distracted by the smallest things. This is where you really have to break down your needs and wants. What are your common interests but most important your common priorities. Let’s discuss a few things here : The Perfect Partner : There is no such thing. No one is perfect and that’s you included. But we can get as close to perfect for us individually. Lets stop chasing that perfect mate that Danielle Steele and 80s pop rock love songs have planted in our heads. The Notebook is lovely and all but its a movie. Everyone comes with flaws. If anything the closer you get to a person the more of their vulnerabilities you are privy to. Thats the beauty of intimacy. Being emotionally intimate with someone is allowing yourself to put your guard down and share the good , the bad and the ugly. And how good does it feel when your partner takes your sour patch kid ways with stride eh?

Protect Your Companionship : 
We live in a serial dating society. And we are all extreme at that. Some of us are jaded and over cautious. While other give away themselves all willy nilly. We have the tendency of overcompensating by giving 100% and then some from the start. But if you give your 100% to the men/women you are dating casually , then what do you have left for your ideal partner? Im not talking about giving it up on the first date and what not… your body , your rules. I trust that YOU trust your intuition and grown enough to know what being intimate with multiple people / someone does to you mentally , emotionally and physically. I trust that you are responsible for yourself and sanity when you give up the booty and mature enough to handle the after math.
Im talking about the little things that make up YOU. Im talking about your loyalty. Im talking about the little good morning breakfasts that you cook to help your partner start their day right. Im talking about the words of encouragement when your partner is down. Im talking about your time. My aunt once told me in a relationship women give 125%. So we should train ourselves to give 75% (its pretty much 100%) Cause that 25% is what keeps your partner (especially men) coming back.  Stop giving all the goods and showing your poker hand from jump. Make someone earn those goods instead. And even when they’ve earned it … keep some magic for yourself.
I’ll tell you this from experience. I was in shit relationships leading up to my current one. I can be honest with you all and tell you that up to this current relationship , previous ones have been toxic and unhealthy. Do you want to know why? Because I wasn’t being honest with my needs and wants from jump. I was compromising myself and my needs because i was tired of “looking” for that ideal partner and often settled. I was being chosen and not choosing my partners. I had to put myself on time out and look at the common denominator in these toxic situations… that common denominator was me. That reality was harsh. I realized how much I was giving to those that werent a proper fit. Thats when Protect Your Magic came about. I had to teach myself to protect those qualities that make me the woman I am for the man of MY dreams. The moment I started doing that the universe shifted things in my favor.
So on your Hunger Games quest of finding that ideal partner… take the time to take care of yourself. Be honest with yourself. And watch how the person who is meant to be that life partner bump into you on the most random day.